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This is Yi 4K, Action Camera with Image Stabilization


Go Pro may still be one of the action camera with image stabilization. Moreover, the application of the latest technology that is given from the Go Pro is to produce a better image. However, you can also consider other competitors who apply these best features. Another option you can use the same feature by using Yi 4K Action Camera. Xiaomi is offering action this camera provides the same feature integration with a better interface settings. In fact, you can also get this camera with the price action more easily than with Go Pro. In addition, the specifications are offered from this camera is also similar to Go Pro HERO 4.

As one of the action camera with image stabilization, Yi 4K offers wireless interface settings capabilities. It is considered to be easier for you to get better results. In addition, Yi 4K is also equipped with additional features for video that can be used very easily. Design all parts of Yi 4K appear very futuristic with better materials. The best material into a layer of action of this camera will provide comfort when you use anywhere. In fact, black dominance in all parts of the outermost layer of the action of this camera is very elegant.

Yi 4K is also equipped with Bluetooth and features dual band Wi-Fi with an excellent interface. This feature will allow you to transfer images via other devices. The size of the camera’s action has a calculation 65 x 42 x 30mm. To provide comfort to all the features, Xiaomi also offers LCD touch screen with an attractive interface. This action camera has a 2:19-inch touch screen LCD. In fact, the entire section of the LCD also gets protected by Gorilla Glass. This feature will allow you to get the best comfort when using the various features. The resolution of the display offered Yi 4K also performs better with 640 x 360 pixels. So that the whole image that you get the results could provide the same opportunities.

Yi 4K Action Camera offers a single button located at the interface of the display. This button serves to provide an experience to show images and video with a resolution that has been adjusted. The strength of the designs offered Yi 4K Action will allow you to get an important function when swimming and snorkeling. Ease of connectivity offered by this camera action provides better opportunities. You can give the application of the transfer function through a dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This feature will work very well with the optional remote control. In fact, Xiaomi also offers some additional features with the editing software. However, the choice of features offered is not too many.

This best action camera with image stabilization also offers a still image resolution is excellent. In fact, the power of 12 megapixels given action camera can also be compete with a Go Pro Hero 4. To get better results, Xiaomi offers 155-degree wide-angle lens that produces very impressive images and video. In fact, you can also do some settings to get a better image results. Settings interface given in the action camera is integrated with Android and iOS companion app. You will also be easier to get the whole image and video very easily. To get this camera action, you have to spend about £250.

Detail specifications of this action camera with image stabilization, consist of:
  • 1/2.3-in sensor
  • 155 degree wide angle lens to
  • Having up to 4K/30fps
  • Resolution 12 mp images
  • 2:19-inch LCD touch screen
  • Transfer feature via Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Android and iOS integrated

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