Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100


Being a musician or, at least, a music lover do require a suitable material to enhance your potential. DJ set, an instrument like piano or guitar until the tiniest part of headphones are an essential equipment and tools which must you own. It seems like finding good things like that is not that easy, remembering that high-quality product is always at a not good price. So we are here, today, to show you that there are still good and cheap products that you can rely on, including headphones. These seven best noise cancelling headphone 100 will change your mind that you could still listen to real music with no worries about the impact on your ear or even the defense of the product itself. For the full description, let us just read it below.

Top Seven best noise cancelling headphone 100

Here we will go with six noise canceling headphone that is cheap and reliable. Most of you may underestimate it, despite the price that is set for this headphone. But believe us, you won’t regret every single decision you make to choose one of this headphone. So don’t waste too much time, here are the best noise canceling headphone under 100 dollars:

1. NoiseHush i7 by NoiseHush

best noise cancelling headphone 100 , NoiseHush i7 by NoiseHush You can tell it from its name; it is NoiseHush! “Hush” away that sound, probably that is the mean of their name. NoiseHush i7, which is quite good at taking you to the precise and astonishing sound, is tagged at $52 at Amazon. Besides the sound, this headphone is also has a long duration and usage time, so you can keep listening to your favorite music all the time. Although the quality of the sound and noise canceling from this best noise cancelling headphone 100 is not the best among all, but you can rely on it so much.

2. Golzer BANC-50

best noise cancelling headphone 100 , Golzer BANC-50

With the quite mainstream design plus a solid black color, you may have a great experience using this product. Provide you an excellent quality and long lasting battery (approximately for about 30 hours); this headphone also has the best noise canceling feature that is useful for your everyday usage, such as in a bus. You can focus listening to your music even in the crowded place with now worries. And the price is also low at its standard, about $30-$80. But you have to note that this product also has its weakness, but don’t worry much about it.

3. Naztech i9BT

best noise cancelling headphone 100 , Naztech i9BT

This best noise cancelling earbuds under 100 is recommended for you who are finding a good quality headphone yet cheap and can satisfy your desire. The Naztech i9BT is a budget model headphone with good features such as a noise canceling, Bluetooth and have 12 hours duration of usage. But still, you cannot expect more from this $30-$80 headphones because it also has a limitation, for example, the sound. The sound provided may not be that great, but it is enough for you to appreciate your favorite music.

4. Audio-Technica ATH ANC7B QuietPoint

best noise cancelling headphone 100, Audio-Technica ATH ANC7B QuietPoint

This headphone may be the best choice for you who wants to find a low priced phone yet have a high quality at all. The sound quality is astonishing with great features that would make your experience of listening music lasts in a long time. The style is also a plus point, where it has a good build with solid black color on it. It might be a standard and mainstream style of phone, but it for everyday use, it is comfortable and makes you relaxed after so much work in a day. This headphone also has the best noise canceling feature that would reduce the noise out there which disturb your moment. Overall, you won’t regret your choice by using this best noise cancelling headphone 100.

5. Sony MDR-ZX770BN

best noise cancelling headphone 100 , Sony MDR-ZX770BN

Sony is famous for making an excellent quality entertainment product with high quality including this headphone. You won’t be disappointed if you use this best noise cancelling headphones below 100. With just 80 dollars, you can get the full features. The noise canceling feature in this product might be the best feature you can get under 100 dollars. The solid black color which in the mainstream for most entertainment product also exists in this headphone. Another point plus is the Bluetooth system, which simplifies your way to listen to the music.

6. BÖHM B76 Bluetooth

best noise cancelling headphone 100 , BÖHM B76 Bluetooth

Different from another series with gold color on it, this best noise cancelling headphone 100 comes in strong yet astonishing performance. Once you get this out of its box, you will find a fantastic headphone covered in black and silver color, with a soft padding, complete with additional equipment. We cannot say that this headphone is the best among all but its feature is full enough to make you listen to music easily. The price is also low, just around $30 for this great product.

7. Monoprice Over Ear Headphones

best noise cancelling headphone 100 , Monoprice Over Ear Headphones

If you want to have a bass enhance your music, then try this product. With $99, you will get what you are deserved to get. The good sound quality, the full features of entertainment and good noise canceling system. And like a mainstream headphone, this best noise cancelling headphones around 100 has a solid black color on it.

These best noise cancelling headphone 100 can be your reference on choosing what is the right headphone to accompany your musical journey. Don’t waste your money buying an expensive product. You can compare it to another headphone with the same or higher price; we bet we will win.

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