Best Wireless Headphone for TV under $100 in 2017


For you who want to find out the best headphone for your TV, especially the wireless one with the small budget, you could find it here. Wireless headphone helps you to not produce a lot of noise, in particular for some families with younger children. The noise from TV can be distracting to other family members and can lead to a lot of crying babies which is not okay for you who want to feel peace in your home. Wireless headphone could be the solution for it, and they are affordable depends on your budget. We would show you some information about best wireless headphone under $100. Let’s check this out our recommendation for you about best headphone for your daily activity to make your best day in your life.

10 The Best wireless headphone under $100 you should know

1. SkullcandyGrind Headphone

SkullcandyGrind Headphone, best wireless headphones under $100

These are the product by Skullcandy Company that has been working hard to create the low-cost, high-quality product. The reason this product being one of the best wireless headphones under $100 on TV because it looks fashionable and great to wear wherever you want to go because they have not made for home use only. Even though the price is under $ 100 which is around $20 – $70, the sound is truly the bargain, and it won’t disappoint you. The other plus point is this headphone offers you the more bass than other headphones. Also the mid tones and treble sound are great.

2. My Zone Wireless Headphones

best wireless headphones under $100, My Zone Wireless Headphones

This product from My Zone Company which is very popular for making very low-cost product include to best wireless headphones 2017 under 100. Its price is around $40 – $80, and this product accurately produces a sound as good as the other product which is more expensive. The design is not aesthetic though because the ears pieces have a calm shell shape and don’t make the headphones look too adorable. This product, unfortunately, doesn’t have too much bass and the mid tones are also not too prominent.

3. Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones

Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones, best wireless headphones under $100

Many wireless headphones have their advantage that is different than other like the Jabra Revo wireless headphones which have a plus point in the battery; it has 12 hours last in active mode and 240 hours in standby mode which is so impressed with their low cost. Connecting these headphones to your TV is simple. The price is around $40 – $60 which is very affordable. The Jabra Revo has the application that would make it more customizable than other products. It is a free app that can allow you to adjust the equalizer, create the playlist and listen to virtual surround.

4. Sony MDR Product – IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone

Sony MDR Product – IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone, best wireless headphones under $100

The price of this headphones is about around $60 – $100 for customers who do not have much money to spend, but it still looks pretty good for the product quality, just this product, the right choice of property for them. Sony wireless headphones may not seem very wise to others. Headphones use an infrared technology system to turn around a few people. This product because they are now new technologies such as Bluetooth technology to make the application process much very easier and than less for the handset without any hassle. The headphone sound is perfect. The headphone uses a 40mm system to create a potent sound effect. Twenty-eight hours the battery life charge, you do not need to any worry about charging the headphones as you to would go with another comparison other headphones.

5. JBL Synchros E40BT

JBL Synchros E40BT, best wireless headphones under $100

This headphone would work in style. If you are an active person who needs stylish yet great quality headphone, we bet this product is suitable for you. For just a 60 dollars, you can bring this headphone to your home. With 16 hours duration of usage, you could use this product for gaming or even just listen to music. The design is, as we mention above, stylish with the combination of black and purple color.

6. Sol Republic Tracks Air

Sol Republic Tracks Air, best wireless headphones under $100

You only have to spend seventy dollars to take this buddy to accompany you. The headphone design itself is quite anti mainstream. There are two stems at the bottom of the padding, which probably functioned as a controller for the headphone. The grayish black color from this product is also a highlight, and you won’t be disappointed when you have to use this outdoors. For the performance, we bet you cannot ask anymore with this cheap headphone. The duration of usage is 16 hours which you can charge it when it comes to dying. Since this is a wireless headphone, the feature provided might just focus on the transmission of the sound without cable.

7. Koss Plug

Koss Plug, best wireless headphones under $100

This product might be just an earphone, but the quality of the sound is just like a headphone! The most important thing is this product only costs $10! The capable sound, striking design with black and green color plus the noise cancellation features are the favorites in this earphone. The only weakness of this earphone is because this is an earphone; you could not ask more features like a headphone.

8. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless, best wireless headphones under $100

Skullcandy may be the most favorite best wireless headphone under $100 that everyone would own. The highlight of this product is its design; you will find good quality materials used for the padding with the combination of gray and green color, plus a skull logo on it. For the rest, all is awesome; you can control the sound, activate the noise cancellation and use it for above 12 hours of usage. The price is also low; only seventy-four dollars.

9. House of Marley Rebel BT

House of Marley Rebel BT, best wireless headphones under $100

House of Marley Rebel BT featured a cool blue colored headphone with soft black padding. You cannot ask about the quality of sound this headphone provide; great. The product also provides smooth bass boost which is the highlight for all headphones. With this balance style and performance, you can afford this product with just $49.

10. TAMO V4.0

TAMO V4, best wireless headphones under $100 , best wireless headphone

This headphone may be the cheapest headphone you could own; only $30. Although this is low priced, you cannot underestimate its quality, because this product provides a great and soft bass and overall sound control, plus have the wireless feature which you can rely on it. The minus from this product is maybe its style; honestly, the style is quite old, the padding also not the best quality, and the color provided is mainstream, which is a combination of silver and black. But for all the rest, you could trust this headphone to accompany your musical life.

So it is not the best decisions for you who have plasma screen TV in your room. So, those are some reviews about the best wireless headphones under $100 to you. Hopefully, you get to know more about what you need to best headphone. All choices have the advantages and the disadvantages for you, just pick the best one for you. You can enjoy watching TV without worry to bother other people around with the wireless headphone.

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